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Best Ways to Prevent Mold

Whether it is a new home or a home you have lived in for decades, taking precautions to prevent the occurrence of molds and mildews is important. Molds and mildews are common, and some certain types can cause severe damage to your home which may lead to expensive repairs by a remediation contractor. Mold is also dangerous to health and can cause health disorders such as respiratory tract infections, nasal congestions, coughing, throat irritation, and other health problems. To avoid all of these things, getting a mold remediation contractor to work on your home is an effective move to get rid molds, mildew, and their effects. Let's see some of the things you can do.

1. Check the air flow in your home

For effective prevention of mold, you need to check how air flows and circulates inside your home. And this borders around how your furniture and other items are arranged in your home. Anywhere moisture is trapped is a breeding place for molds and you have to ensure air gets to every part of your home. Watch out for foul smells and odor in your home, and check them out when you perceive them.

2. Know your home's moisture level.

You should always check out how much moisture you have around your home especially if you have a basement. The humidity level in your basement should never be above 50 percent if you want to prevent mold. With a hygrometer, you can check your home's humidity levels.

3. Keep eyes on your storage areas.

It is very convenient to toss just about anything into your storage room or garage and forget about them. These are the things that become breeding ground for mold. Check them from time to time and throw away the useless items.

4. Use exhaust fans

Whenever you cook or take a hot shower, make sure you use your exhaust fans. This helps get rid of all the humidity in your kitchen and bathroom and thus prevent the occurrence of molds.

5. Watch out for leaks

Molds thrive in moist places, and if there is a leak in your water pipes, some parts of the home will perpetually be moist. Get a remediation contractor to check your home for leaks so you can fix them and prevent future growth of molds.

6. Get paints that prevent molds.

As part of your home improvement plans, a remediation contractor will recommend using mold prevention paints or primers if you have plans to paint your home. This is one effective way to prevent mold growth in your home.

7. Change your air filters regularly

Your air filters determine the quality of the air you get in your home. Change the filters regularly or buy air purifiers to ensure that the air that gets in is quality air.

These tips above can help you prevent mold in your home and if you are finding it hard to manage the occurrence of mold in your home, contact our remediation contractors at Dehlinger Constructions to help out. Call us or send a mail today to get a free estimate and answers to your questions.