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Five Common Reasons Roofs Leak

If you are a Florida homeowner, then you may look up one day inside your home and discover a brown stain on your ceiling. Chances are that your children have not thrown something up there. You probably have a leaking roof. Alternatively, you may be sitting in your home during a rainstorm and feel raindrops falling on you. Immediately, pick up the phone and call a roofing contractor in Longwood, Florida. Here are five common reasons that roofs leak.

Shingle Damage

If you did not call a professional roofing contractor in Longwood,, like Dehlinger Construction, then you may discover that your shingles were installed incorrectly. In fact, more than one homeowner has discovered that the tar paper that goes under their shingles to create a waterproof barrier has been put on upside down. Often, shingle damage can happen after wind or hail damage without the original installer doing anything wrong.

Compromised Valleys

Your roof’s valleys are the areas where two roofs meet, and your roof will leak when they are damaged. You may discover that the valley was damaged by someone stepping on it or a material that was improperly fastened to the valley. You may also discover that debris has built up in the valley so that it does not function properly.

Punctured Roof or Obstructed Waterflow

You may discover that your roof has been hit by a big tree limb or another object that has punctured a hole in it. You may also discover that something blocked the water from flowing off the roof. Even a gutter that is full of leaves can cause roof damage as the water backs up under the roof instead of flowing away from the structure.


Some roofs just get old. Then, they no longer do their job of protecting your home. The length of time that a roof last varies by conditions and type. Three-tab asphalt roofs generally last about 16 years. Architectural asphalt shingles generally last about 27 years. Metal roofs will usually last about 37 years while concrete tile roofs will usually last about 42 years.

Leaks Around Pipes and Vents

One of the most common reasons that roofs leak. There can be many different reasons for roofs to leak in this location. Sometimes, a piece of rubber is placed around the pipe or vent to stop the water from getting in, but the hot sun and Florida’s crazy humidity can cause this rubber to crack allowing water to get in. Other times, the piece put around the pipe is metal, and it rusts in two. If the pipe or vent has cracked, then water can get in through the pipe or vent.

If your roof is leaking, then call Dehlinger Construction at 407-636-9322. These roofing contractors in Longwood will be glad to give you a free estimate. Like many other customers, you will be impressed with their level of professionalism, and they clean up after themselves extremely well.