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Spring Roof Care Checklist

After warm temperatures finally get to Seminole County and before you start wanting to head to the beach all the time to avoid hot summer temperatures, you need to check your home’s roof for damage from the winter and get it prepared for any upcoming storms.

Trim Trees

Take a careful look at the roof to make sure that no tree limbs are dragging across it. Even if they can just barely touch it when a strong wind blows, take the time to trim them away from the roof. That constant rubbing can take years off your roof’s longevity. Of course, you also need to trim away any limbs that grew faster than you expect and are overhanging the roof.

Remove Leaves

While just a few leaves are usually not a problem, if you have a leaf buildup on your roof, then you need to get it taken care of immediately. Moisture can get trapped when leaves build up causing your roof to rot. The weight of leaves can also cause roof damage. Grab a rake or air blower and get them off the roof’s surface.

Stop Moss

You do not want moss growing on your roof, so inspect it to see that none has started growing there. If you find some, then use a mixture of 50 percent liquid bleach and 50 percent water to scrub the moss away making sure that you do not hurt the structure of the shingles underneath. Then, after trimming away the tree limbs that may be preventing sunlight from reaching your roof, nail zinc or copper strips to the roof’s ridgeline. When rain washes across these strips, it will stop moss from growing.

Eliminate Mold

If you see any discoloration on your roof, then chances are that it is mold. Get a hand-pumped sprayer and put an equal amount of bleach and water in it. Add some tri-sodium phosphate to the mixture, according to the manufacturer’s directions. Spray the area well while wearing protective clothing. Let the mixture sit for 15 minutes. Then, wash it off with a water hose.


Now that you are done cleaning your roof, make sure that your gutters are firmly in place and drain away from your house. Gutters that are not attached properly can cause water to seep up under the roof causing damage. Improperly installed gutters or poor drainage can also damage your home’s foundation and cause basements and other underground areas to leak.

Roof Damage

While you are up on the roof, make sure to check for any roof damage. Look for missing shingles or ones that are no longer firmly attached. Make sure that the roof’s flushing is firmly in place around pipes, vents and the chimney so that water cannot seep in there. If you find damage, then call a roofing contractor in Longwood, Florida. In fact, you will want to call a Droofing contractor in Longwood Dehlinger Construction at (407) 636-9322 to get a free estimate.